A Little About Nothing

I am taking a week off.  A week off from everything that wastes my time.  I am a classic time waster and it is dragging me down.  I can spend hours on the computer or watch two sometimes three movies right in a row and in the meantime, I have tons of things I should be doing.  So for the next week, I am giving up all things entertaining.  Maybe it’s a bit extreme but I think that I will find fulfillment in getting stuff done and spending more time in my bible and in fellowship with the Lord; and hopefully produce some cool thing for the blog as well.  After all, nobody ever died from a lack of entertainment.

Maybe I am just full of myself, maybe I don’t have anything to do but just assume that I must.  If this is the case then that is an even bigger problem.  I have a large family, a huge church, a demanding job, and a world outside that I would like to engage, so I have no reason to not have something going on.

So enough about that, keep an eye out for some cool stuff in the next week.  God willing, I want to spend some time on the topics of human trafficking, pride/humility, fatherhood, providing for our families, and who knows what else.  Thanks for all the love and support so far.  I have only had this up for a little more than a week and a half,and the page views have been through the roof.  Awesome!


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