My Copper Coins

There is a story that appears in the books of Mark and Luke that is known as The Widow’s Mite.  In it, Jesus is watching the people as they put their offerings into the offering box at the temple.  He notices that the rich put in a large amounts, and that an old widow puts in the last two copper coins, or mites, that she has to live on.  He tells his disciples that what she has put in is worth far more than what the rich gave.  This was because what the rich gave was out of their wealth, and what she gave was all she had.

I have heard preachers tell this story many times with the emphasis on the aspect of money.  While that is true and obvious, I want to put a little different spin on it from my perspective.  Yes I tithe, and yes, I think that giving to the local church is both biblically commanded and extremely important, but is there more to be taken from the widows example?  I think so.

Believers come in all sorts of forms.  From the seasoned veteran, raised in the church and fluent in doctrinal truths and scriptural knowledge, to the brand new Christian who is just getting his or her feet wet while riding the wave of euphoria that often comes with salvation (I wish we could all stay on that wave, it is where I have been for a long time now and plan to reside for the rest of my days).  I am admittedly “newer”, so while I am studying and learning daily, my knowledge may not be quite up to snuff with the old timers.  In other words, I may not be as rich in understanding and wisdom as some, but I do have a “mites” share of the Gospel.

This is where I think that I have a point to make.  Don’t I, with the little bit of knowledge that God has blessed me with, have a responsibility to give it back, by sharing it?  Don’t we all have that responsibility?  I think that while I may not be where I would like to be some day, I still have something to contribute.  If I am to look to the widows example, I must share it and strive to advance the kingdom with whatever tools are at my disposal.  Even if what I have is small, I must be in the game.

God has blessed me with salvation and life changing truths.  They are literally what I live on from day to day.  While I may only have copper coins for now, I am going to strive to put all I have in the offering box.

The widow’s story can be found in Mark 12:41-44 and Luke 21:1-4.


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