I Challenge You, Seek Him.

Hey folks!  I’ve been super busy with God’s blessings for the last week or so and I have not been able to post anything new.  The Lord has thrown open the floodgates with his blessings.  I have not had room, insofar as my time is concerned, to do much else but to relish in his generosities.  I want to take a minute to just praise him for all that he has done for me and my family.

We have seen awesome reconciliation and healing.  We have seen the impossible become a reality.  We have seen his power to forgive and his longing to bring us into his embrace.  We have seen that his word is true and that his patience is long.  Thank you Lord, we deserve nothing since our best days are like dirty rags when held up to your holiness, and yet you pour out your kindness and love upon those who seek your will.

I will not stop acknowledging Gods great power or his great desire for relationship with us.  He longs for us to know him.  He longs to bless and redeem those that are lost.  It is the reason we were created, to be with him.

I challenge you, seek him.  Even if your desire is tiny and your belief unseen, look to him.  Reach out to whatever faint hope you might feel.  It is there, in your heart, longing to come out.  Let Jesus fan the flame.  The results very well may be like nothing you could have ever imagined.


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