To Whom Shall I Go?

Have you ever tried to do something and it was just too hard? Have you ever tried to learn something and just couldn’t get your mind around it? Are there parts of scripture that you just don’t like? I know I can answer “yes” to each of these questions. Some things are tough and for a teacher, pastor, or any leader for that matter, to not acknowledge this fact, that would be foolish.

Jesus himself knew that sometimes some of the things he taught were hard, to understand or even to accept. We read in John 6:60-71 about many of the men who were actually in the presence of Jesus, coming across something he was saying that was just too hard. Unfortunately they deserted him, but he went on to explain that those whom the father enabled would stay. Those who truly believed, and that the father had called, would stay and push through the difficult and uncomfortable.

There are parts of the Bible that I struggle with. Parts of it just don’t make sense. But there are many parts that did not make sense to me six months ago, but that with further study, become clear. I expect that this will be the case throughout my life and I have come to love, maybe even crave, those “AHA!” moments when clarity breaks through.

Andy Stanley recently did a sermon series where he talked about how most Christians do not come to faith when suddenly all of their questions are answered. He says that is just not how it happens. Most times, there is an encounter with Christ, and then the questions become a smaller priority. They never go away, they just are not as important. Over time, many of the questions will be answered, and have been answered for me personally, but there will always be some that I just can’t figure out. And that is ok.

When confronted with this quandary, Peter said to Jesus “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life. We believe and know that you are the Holy One of God.”

I can relate. I have had an experience with Christ and know that he is the “Holy One of God”. So when there is something that is just too hard to tackle I just ask “Lord, to whom shall I go?” The answer is always Jesus and more often than not, with time, whatever seemed too hard for me in one moment is easily overcome in another.


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