Salvation Is More Than We Think

Salvation means more than just heaven instead of hell.  Salvation means more than the forgiveness of sins.  Salvation means more than a sudden change of heart and motivation.  Salvation is a recognition of Gods presence in our world and in every aspect of our lives.  Salvation is the realization that God has been there from the beginning.  At every twist and turn, in every trial, at every possible disaster, salvation tells me that God was there.

The Bible tells us that even while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.  Even in the midst of our worst rebellion and depravity, Christ loved us enough to die for our sake.  The Bible also says that there is no greater love than for a man to lay down his life for a friend, which is exactly what happened on the cross.  Only, at the cross, Christ laid down his life for a people that were far from friendly, he died for me even in the times of my life where I completely rejected him.  He craved relationship with me so much that he died with the hope that I would some day seek out his friendship.  He died hoping that every lost soul would come to him and seek shelter.  He died not only for his friends but for his enemies that he hoped would someday seek his friendship.

The more I look back at some of the wild situations that I have allowed myself to get in, the more I can see the presence of God in my life.  So many times I have been in life threatening situations of my own making and for some reason was spared.  Over and over again I have been on the brink of complete disaster and been pulled back and removed from a situation just in time.  I have been to the ugly places that people fear and seen the danger and disaster that is there and for some reason been able to remove myself without much more than a scratch.

I spent my life before I found Christ on a mad dash to please everyone and appear to be in control.  I spent all my energy on a facade that held no weight.  I bashed the word of God in ways that humble any pride I might have today in my own righteousness.  And even in all my sin, God was there looking after me.

Salvation is more than we think about.  Salvation is a savior that saves us from ourselves, even when we reject him.  It is a love that is unthinkable.  It is intervention from the perfect into the lives of the imperfect.  Salvation begins long before a prayer for mercy, it began at the cross and continues every day, in every place.  It is living and proactive, working behind the camera, seeking those that don’t even know that it exists.

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