He Loves Us

I love my wife.  I love my five children.  I love my mom and my brother and sisters.  But why?  I mean sure they all have awesome qualities and the ability to make me happy, but they also have the capability to drive me mad.  More than anyone, the people we love can hurt and anger us, and yet we care for them so deeply that we would lay down our lives for them.  There are people in each of our lives like this, people that will be there through a lifetime of ups and downs.  Why?

The Bible tells us that God is love.  It tells us that he loves us in ways that we cannot understand.  Jesus loved us so much that he went through unimaginable pain and torture, and then died, for us.  Even when we reject him and spit in his face or worse, he still went through it all for us.  Before I was even born, he died for me and for my free will to turn my back on him if I so desired, because he loved me.

All good things come from God.  All good things, even those that happen to or are caused by “bad” people.  God loves and blesses those who love him, those who don’t, and those who could care less.  The fact that we love anyone is a reflection of Gods love of us.  It is his love flowing through us that gives us the ability to love others.  Without God and his love, we would have no idea how it feels to see our children born, our marriages blossom, or our friendships grow.

We love because he loved us first, and the fact that we do can be seen by unbelievers and believers alike.  It’s universal and unexplainable.  Its a gift from God and a gift that he gives to all freely and without condition.  We are an unlovable people and the fact that we are still bountifully and wonderfully blessed, amazes me to no end.

Thank you Lord, for creating within me, the ability and opportunity to love and be loved.  Thank you for all good things, for even though I deserve none of them, you give them with unending generosity.  Thank You.


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