Missional Living, What?!?

Following God is an adventure. It feels like a mystery sometimes, what with the constant discovery, the chase after his will. Right when you think you’ve got if figured out, here comes a curveball, you have to close your eyes and just swing for the fence in faith.

Since day one of my salvation I have felt called to serve in some way. Right off the bat, I just wanted to get in the game (what’s with all the baseball metaphors?). It’s all I want to do and sometimes I feel like life gets in the way.

I want to be at prisons worshipping with the brothers in Christ who are held there, I want to build orphanages in distant countries, I want to pack boxes with food for the hungry, I want to pray with sick people and encourage them. I want to do it all, all the time. Right there, in that place, with all the sweat and tears, broken hearts and mended lives, that where I feel the presence of Jesus the most. And I can’t get enough if it.

I’ve heard that new believers can catch a fire. There is a newness and a euphoria that grips someone who has finally surrendered their life to Christ. And I’ve heard that many times that fire slows after time to just an ember or maybe even goes out. That frightens me. I never want to let go. I never want this flame inside to do anything but grow.

I am trying to put this sinners life in order. It’s amazing how I’ve been blessed and continue to be blessed. It’s evident all around me. People see and comment, so I know there’s fruit. Gods work in my life has been transformational. It is ever unfolding and always exciting and none of it is my doing. All the credit goes to God and his saving grace.

My family and I are learning and growing as a unit. Little by little we are devoting more and more of our lives to His mission. Relationships, finances, even where we live, it’s all changing. It’s all decisions based on chasing after the will of God for us.

Admittedly I am hard to reach a lot of the time. More than once I was sure I was being called in one direction only to find out, through prayer and the study of scripture, that I was supposed to be going in another. It’s a battle of the flesh and I’m sure that it will continue, but it’s all worth it. When Gods will becomes clear, there is nothing like it.

Pray for my family as we continue our journey. Pray for wisdom for me as I lead and am led. Pray for patience for my family as I am still a fallen man and continue to make mistakes and grow. Pray for strength and unity as our team struggles through this world on a mission to spread the Gospel, spread love, and grow in our relationship with Christ Jesus, our Lord and savior.

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