Leadership is a Stewardship

I have been thinking and praying about leadership, fatherhood, and being a husband a lot lately.  These things are my primary calling as a follower of Christ and are a necessity if I wish to be used by God in his glorious ministry.  As I study and watch those that I admire and strive to imitate, I can see that God uses those that, while often flawed, yearn for greatness in these areas.  When called to ministry (which we all are, some in leadership, others in different capacities), I believe that a leader will first put his own house in order, so that his time in service will not only be an example to others, but will also be fruitful and productive.

The Bible speaks of qualities that are necessary for anyone who feels called to ministry in a leadership capacity in 1 Timothy 3.  Included in these guidelines are, what I believe, key directives to us all, to be used across the board, in our relational lives.  I know that I need work in some of these areas, but that through Gods grace, I have crossed a huge expanse from where I once was to where I am now.

I long for Gods presence in my life and in my family.  I crave to be the best father and husband I can be because through my actions, God produces, love, kindness, and grace.  Through my leadership God will enter the lives of my wife and children, and I will be held accountable if I fail to submit to my role. I have been entrusted with these hearts and minds, it is my job.  As the primary influence in my home, it falls on my shoulders see that those that I love, are cared for, not only practically (shelter, food, clothing) but also spiritually.  I’ve seen families torn apart by a failure of leadership, I refuse to be part of that statistic.

What does the future hold?  God only knows, but he lets us in on just enough detail, so that if we will trust him, life can be full and abundant.  Bits and pieces have been revealed to my family.  The fogginess of the future has cleared a little.  We can see bright things ahead.  But we know that in order to be trusted with more, we must be able to steward what we already have.  It is a lifetime commitment which pays off dividends that never cease to amaze us.

Thank you Father, for trusting and guiding me in all things.  Your wisdom is a well of blessing that we do not deserve, and yet it overflows.



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