Make Christmas Count!

With Christmas right around the corner we are all looking forward to giving gifts to our loved ones.  Nothing beats the smile on the faces of those we love when they open that perfect gift.  I know I love receiving presents, who doesn’t right?  What if the joy and smiles could be found not only with those we love but also with people around the world?  What if we could give the happiness of the season to hundreds of people rather than just the hand full that gather around the family Christmas?

Here is the idea;  I have found a couple very unique gift ideas that can actually change lives.  Inexpensive gifts that can not only bring the spirit of the Christmas season to our living rooms but can send that spirit of giving around the world.

The lack of clean water kills more people worldwide than all forms of violence, including war.  1 in 6 people on earth do not have access to what most of us take for granted when we simply turn on the tap.  Charity Water is an organization that gives 100% of public donations to fund water projects around the world.  They have some awesome gifts on their website that we can use to get involved and spread the true meaning of Christmas.  Check it out here.

There are now more than 1.3 million victims of commercial sexual servitude/slavery worldwide, with victims as young as 4.  Human trafficking is the second largest criminal enterprise on earth with annual revenue of more than 12 billion dollars.  You can help eradicate this by participating with the A21 Campaign and checking out their website and giving the gift of awareness.  The above pictured necklace is a firm reminder that we hold the key to solving sexual slavery and freeing innocent victims from their nightmares.  A21 and this awesome necklace can be found here


One response to “Make Christmas Count!

  1. A friend of mine works at a large chcruh in Florida. I remember when he told me he attended a different chcruh, I thought he was joking. This led to a long conversation with me asking lots of questions. He talked alot about the chcruh being “one body” and at some levels I agreed with him. But In the end, I couldn’t help feeling like something wasn’t quite right about it. At the point where my chcruh becomes “insitutionalized” (to borrow a term from Shawshank Redemption) and doesn’t care if the people they hire aren’t sold out for the vision, I’m not sure I could stick around for the conclusion of the story! I want to be a part of a chcruh where I can die fighting for the cause! I think i remember a particular New Testament writer saying something similar!

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