Taking Stock

With the passing of yet another birthday I have spent the last few days taking stock of the events of the last couple years.  About two years ago I had an undeniable experience with God.  It’s an event that that has colored every aspect of my life and the lives of my family since.  God came into my life at it’s lowest point and saved me not only in the unbelievable loss of an eternity of separation from him, but also from a miserable experience in the here and now.

My birthday was two days ago, February 15th, and in the last few days I’ve found myself envisioning where I was just one year ago and all the incredible things that have changed since.  Last year I was living alone, separated from most of my immediate family by thousands of miles.  I was alone in a leaky house with nothing but a twin bed and a dirty card table for furniture.  Last year I struggled just to make it to work because of a broken down vehicle.  A year ago it seemed like there was no light at the end of the tunnel.  Life seemed insurmountable on so many levels.

Today is a new day.  My family has been reunited and restored.  Forgiveness, love, and willing self-sacrifice has been gifted all around.  Blessings in the form of a beautiful home, reliable transportation, and material sufficiency have surfaced.  Relationships are blossoming, acts of service are chased after. Opportunities to share the Gospel, the living and breathing reality of it, are constant.  Priorities have been reordered and life has meaning.  It awesomeness of it all is overwhelming and threatens to bring tears to my eyes each time I slow down enough to take it all in.

There are challenges still, no doubt about it.  This life is hard and often confusing, but the ability to count on a savior named Jesus softens any obstacle.  Most of todays pressing events center on how I can serve him more effectively and often.  My hearts true desire is to tell anyone who will listen about the invading grace and love of Christ.  Gone is the chasing after the material.  Over is the heartbreak of failure and bitterness.  Now, I only want to share and lead the broken and lost.  There is so much more!

Father God, you are great and mighty.  Only because of you am I here.  Through your mercy I have been renewed.  Your love is a warm blanket that surrounds all who embrace you.  I have no idea where you’ll take us, but you have proven over and over that you can be trusted to lead us.  Soften our hearts, give us boldness, lead us to lead others into your kingdom.  I will spend my days praising you.  Thank you Lord.



One response to “Taking Stock

  1. happy birthday! It seems i keep going into a new level of revelation of Gods love for me. As i see myself as God sees me and not as man sees me or how i see myself, i find a whole new world . I think this new world is the kingdom of heaven and i love it. I feel that i am free to love others because i see God loving me.

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