Overwhelmed in Prison

I’ve been honored to serve with my church in a prison ministry for about nine months.  This experience has been truly transformative for me.  The chance to worship with these men inside of a prison environment is something that touches my heart every time I am there.  There is no doubt that these guys are criminals, but when we are praying, singing, learning together; we are all just sinners, forgiven, worshiping our Holy Savior.

This last Sunday evening, we were singing together be fore our service began.  It was just the guys, myself, and a friend who serves with me named Chris Behre playing his guitar.  In the midst of it, my heart kind of jumped at the thought of how awesome it was.  We were about 25-30 men, in a dirty prison basement, pouring our hearts out to God together.  We were singing a song of thanks to our Lord. Prisoners, thanking God.  It was great.

I thought to hit the record button on my phone mid-song.  I got half of the song we were singing and all of another.  Here is the recording:

It is a little rough and the volume isn’t great, but for some reason I love it and I hope you will too.


Chris Behre, the guitar player and leader of the singing is a recording artist.  You can find more info about him here.


2 responses to “Overwhelmed in Prison

  1. This audio was touching.. It took me there to that moment in there.. It must have been a glimpse of what heaven is like. Thanks for sharing!

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