Week 3, Our Experiment

The Experiment continues!  It has been three paychecks since we, as a family, have been engaged in our little experiment in tithing.  We are hanging in there so far but I’ll be honest, it is a struggle.  I paid bills today and things are tight to say the least.  We are behind on three or four different bills and this week we added a monthly payment on braces for our oldest.

Of course, as soon as we began to give back to God what is already his to begin with, the Enemy jumped into the mix, trying to steer us off course.  Brakes went out on the wife’s car, grocery planning took a tumble, my medication ran out, gas prices went through the roof, and the “check oil” light started flashing on my truck.  Oh, and fellow Midwesterners, you can blame us for the recent drop in temperature.  The idea that our heating bill was about to go down was only a nice thought, apparently.

I wanted to attend the Exponential conference in Florida next month, but I’ll have to aim for next year.  My family is dying to take a vacation together, which for now, is also on hold.  Everyone needs clothes, I need work boots, my wife needs everything, all are going to have to wait.

I understand that these are purely Western “troubles”.  We have food, shelter, clothing.  I was even able to take my wife out for a nice date last week.  “Poor us” right?  We have so much to be thankful for and these are the things we try to put at the front of our minds while making the little sacrifices.  We are not without and we know it, we’re so thankful.  God has provided for all of our needs and we are committed to faithfully see our Experiment through.

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2 responses to “Week 3, Our Experiment

  1. Hey brother,
    Sat behind you at the 7pm service this weekend, recognized you from this blog.
    Just wanted to let you know that when Mark was talking about Barnabas that I instantly thought of you. Your public experiment in tithing has helped my family (and I’m sure others) stay strong in our commitment to give back to God out of what he has blessed us with.

    • Wow, thanks a lot! I can’t imagine a higher compliment. I don’t know that it’s deserved though. I do hope that you’re right about others. That’s the point, to watch Gods blessings in action, in real life. If we continue in the race, God will continue to provide, refresh, and strengthen. Thank you for running alongside me.

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