Upping the Ante, The New Normal

If you have been following along with The Experiment, you know that my family has been flexing our generosity muscle.  Like any growth it is sometimes uncomfortable, but if we don’t feel it, what is the point?  We know that lives can be changed locally and around the world by small sacrifices made here in our home.  Our hope is that the work of God can be seen by our friends, family, acquaintances and even the stranger, by our public experiment.  To draw others into this awesome life, a life that comes with enlistment in the Kingdom of God, is our only mission.

We have seen others motivated, encouraged, and strengthened by the following of Gods word.  Following their example, we’ve gone all in.  In prayerfully keeping with nudging of the Holy Spirit we are adding to our giving routine.  The New Normal Project is something we believe in whole-heartedly.  Through Granger Community Church services, much reading, meetings with leadership, prayer, and discussion, we’ve decided to up the ante.  Beyond our tithe, we have pledged regular contributions to The New Normal Project.  It isn’t a lot, but it is what we can do at the moment and we know that God can do far more with our “little” than we ever could.

In faith, I encourage you to watch what God does in our family.  He challenges us to test him with our generosity.  Use our family as an example of what he can do.  It will cost you nothing to watch, but it might just prove that God is good on his word and worthy of our lives.

Our hidden agenda as a family isn’t all that hidden;  see God in action, in real life, and crave a piece of His love for your own life.

Check out this video about The New Normal-

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