There Is A War, We Are A Weapon

You know that you’re doing something awesome for God when the attacks from the other side begin.  The last month or so, ever since we started The Experiment, has be tumultuous.  It seems, as my ever-insightful wife put it, “we have pissed off the devil”.

I’ve never been comfortable with the idea of spiritual warfare.  I know it exists and that the threats are real, but it just feels a little odd to acknowledge it.  It’s almost UFO’y or conspiracy theoryish (yes, I just made both of those words up).  This is ignorant of me and I know it.  I’ve fallen into the enemy’s snare by thinking as I do.

To deny the attack this month is nearly impossible.  The whole family has been at each others throats.  Kids misbehaving in new and frustrating ways; dad ill-tempered and cranky; mom tired, depressed and homesick for her family back home; full blown teenage angst; not to mention all around fatigue and lack of financial breathing room.  We even have a sick dog, an invasion of carpenter ants and the cat is driving everyone nuts.  And, in the midst of it all, our hearts are breaking for some friends who are struggling.  What else could happen?  I’m afraid to ask.

The attacks are real.  While this reality is a tough fight, it is also invigorating.  The idea that some regular guy and his family could be doing something that incites an attack, that just makes me want to fight that much harder.  We are soldiers in the army of an all-mighty God, and it is humbling to even be considered for such positions.

My friend James told me that the fight imprints the Spirit of God on our souls.  That it is not easy by design.  I like that.  It is like a tattoo that hurts like hell to get, but that once endured, will be there forever.

Father God, protect us.  Invade with your Spirit and imprint your mark on our hearts.  We are with you, through thick and thin, no matter what.  Sharpen us through this fire.  Create in us a strength that will continue to threaten the enemy and bring glory to you.  We are your humble servants and place our very lives at your feet.

For more information of The Experiment click here.

3 responses to “There Is A War, We Are A Weapon

  1. I just sent u a DM. then read this. Wow. Thanks man. Love your insight into the challenge. I could use more of this!!

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