Something Small

(I’ve been so busy lately that blogging has taken a back seat. I’ve been journaling and while reading an old entry in my journal I came across this. I thought it might be a good thing to post. It’s just a stream of thoughts so grammar and punctuation are probably a little out of whack.)

Learning of a prayer that can draw us close to you Lord. Where the world and it’s distractions, good and bad, fall away and it’s just you. Our need for the good things, peace-comfort-security-fellowship, are just filling the gap in our separation from you. Gifts from you to help us along in this broken world until we are one with you in heaven and those needs are needed no longer. Sin-pain-death-fear are stumbling blocks of this world, keeping us from oneness with you. You give us reprieve in the good to do battle with the the bad until we are reunited like Eden. Use me as a tool of your reprieve. Use my hands and feet to initiate your gifts and relief. Bless us with the tools to draw others in.
Visualizing myself at your feet I feel a need/want to bring others to that place. Change my mind/soul/heart to long for that place constantly with you and to long to bring others more. Bring me in communion with you which naturally leads me to want the same for others.

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