We Are Not So Different

Transparency, honesty, these are some things that I have come to appreciate.  Living life together in a Christian community demands it.  While it is not always easy or comfortable, the relationships that come from it are awesome and would be unavailable if if were not for this openness.  It is only through sharing our trials and fears, temptations and failures, that we really come to know one another.

Of course transparency is a process, but so is every aspect of our walk in faith.  There are boundaries, no doubt about it, but when our past comes alive in sharing our faith and our present is more than a facade, true relationships spring up.

My experience has shown that the challenges in my life that I think are unique are more often than not, ordinary.  We face the same enemies, the same shortcomings.  We live in the same fallen and broken world.  Isolation and obscurity are weapons that only relationships can combat.


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