6 Reasons I Am Getting Baptized

On Sunday, August the 28th I am getting baptized at Granger Community Church. I was already baptized when I was 10 or 11 years old but the more I prayed and thought about the act of baptism the more I realized that I needed to do it again, and this time, for the right reasons. Here are some of those reasons.

1. Jesus said to and did so himself. (While this is enough of a reason all by itself, it would make for a pretty short blog post if it was all I included. Jesus asks very little of us, but this is one action where he is pretty explicit.)
2. To take a public stand for my faith.
3. To show an example to my kids and family of biblical leadership and discipleship at work.
4. To experience the symbolic and real death of my old self, the washing away of my sins, and the resurrection of a new man in Christ.
5. While I have already been baptized, it happened when I was an immature child with pretty much no relationship with Christ. I knew stories about him, I knew what other people said and did because of him, but I knew nothing of his actual presence in my life. While it was something special and something I appreciate, it wasn’t what I feel baptism is all about.
6. And because Jesus said so.

So if you’re in my area, come out and help us celebrate the baptism of hundreds of other folks as well as myself. And if you’re so inclined, take the plunge yourself. I will be baptized following the 11:30am service on August 28th at Granger Community Church.

Also (and far more important if you ask me), following the 9:30am service, men from the Prison Re-Entry ministry, will be getting baptized as well. My wife and I will cheering them on as they take their next steps towards Christ, so look for Courtney and I so that you can do the same. These guys give me so much hope and encouragement every time I get to worship with them, let’s do the same when they come to worship with us.

2 responses to “6 Reasons I Am Getting Baptized

  1. I’m very nervous, but also very happy to be one the pepole getting baptized this Sunday. Thank you so much for your prayers, because God heard them and made it possible for me to come =)

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