Searching for Blessings? Serving is One!

We, as a family, have always counted on the chance and ability to serve as some of Gods biggest blessings. As Christ followers, it’s not optional to help and love others, it’s what Jesus modeled and commanded each of to do. We do it not as an obligation but as evidence of a transformed life.

There was a time when even the company of others was uncomfortable for me. Don’t get me wrong, today I am no social butterfly, more like an awkward teenager than anything, but today I crave involvement. I desire to reach in and feel and live with others.
There is something about belonging and contributing to something outside of ourselves, bigger than ourselves, that opens a door to real life. It can be as small as the feeling we get when we feed someone who is hungry, or even just opening a door for someone at the store. Or it can be magnified ten-thousand times when we play a role, even a small one, in leading someone to a new life in Christ. I don’t know if it’s just the desire to touch the lives of others or if it’s the impact that those moments create, but whatever it is, it’s what life is all about.

Recently I was baptized (you can read why here, and actually see it happen here), and it was amazing. It’s a big deal in the life of any Christian but it held special significance for me. At our church we baptize hundreds at a time, which for someone of the socially awkward persuasion, can be a little uncomfortable. My saving grace (forgive the, again “awkward”, pun) was that I had friends and family around me, loving and supporting me as I stepped into that pool.

It’s said that baptism is an outward sign of an inward commitment, which is true. But those people were, to me, also an outward commitment to an inward change. My family, my friends, my church…they are committed to me, my life, and my growing and deepening relationship with Christ.

What does my baptism have to do with serving? Well, to make a long story shorter, it goes like this;

The Krew (our family nickname), have lived through quite a story. We know that we are not unique or special in any way, although while living through some of the trials we have, isolation had fooled us into thinking we were all alone. We decided to join together and create a video that explains a tiny bit of our journey. We had hope that some who are hurting or in a difficult family position would see it and know that where they are, is not unique, and that they are not alone either. We tried to turn what could have been a simple baptism into a serving opportunity. We figured it was a chance to use our family and personal experiences as a tool for helping and spreading hope to someone who is hurting and broken. (You can see the video here.)

Maybe our serving was only exposing some embarrassing and painful memories to others with the desire that they could see some hope within their own painful and embarrassing situations. If so, that seems awfully small. Or, maybe the Holy Spirit will speak to the hearts of a family in pain and spark transformation, if that’s the case, that’s really huge. Regardless, it’s all extremely humbling, and a huge blessing to me and the Krew. It is evidence of lives transformed and motivation to continue and double our efforts to live on mission. What more could we ask for?

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