Sometimes Religion is Dumb

So I was chatting with a guy yesterday about nothing all that important. When he brought our conversation around to his church and why he and his family stopped attending, it peaked my interest a bit.
I always like to hear about the experiences of other local churches and when someone leaves one, I want to lean in and find out why.
It turns out that during the summer my friend and his family had gotten busy with summer activities as many of us do. That, combined with a messy work schedule, and the ups and downs of any family and they had missed a few Sunday’s. No big deal, it happens.
Upon returning on a recent Sunday morning this family of believers were shunned away from the child services as they were not “registered”, which in turn eliminated the chance for the adults to worship also. They were told that before they could attend, they would have to meet with the pastor/minister/father and get the proper approval.
After attending this church for several years, and then be turned away at the door, they gave up on it all together and haven’t been to church since.
My immediate thoughts raced not to my friend and his family, who although important, seemed to already have some kind of relationship with Jesus, but to the curious single mom or dad who just happened to stop in.
Too often we “Christians” can become too insular and so caught up in our own systems that we forget about the Gospel. A bump on our preplanned road can end up shutting down the good news of Jesus for the sake of keeping our plans in place.
The world that doesn’t know God, and even some of us that do, are not going to fit into a cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all experience.
Jesus didn’t approach everyone the same way. He often detoured from where those around him wanted to go and made time for those who were about as far from him as could be. He was flexible. He tailored his words to the culture and the individuals that he was coming in contact with. In fact, Jesus seemed to gravitate to those that had abandoned the religious systems of the day.
My point is this; our doors should always be open. God has a knack for doing things unconventionally and we need to be ready for that. If our systems do not have room for the unexpected, then we might just miss out on the miracles of God. In my experience, he loves to arrive unannounced.

2 responses to “Sometimes Religion is Dumb

  1. I agree completely. But he should have just taken his kids into the big kid service with him instead of allowing that to be the end of his family’s church experience.

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