Sunday Night Was Awesome!

Last night was awesome!
I play a role in a prison ministry that regularly rocks my world. Some of these guys have been behind bars for decades, and yet the hope and wisdom they share, is often overwhelming.
Normally, we have an opening time of prayer and greeting, then some praise and worship led by an awesome friend named Chris Behre. We follow that up with teaching on DVD from my home-base church of GCC. We close with a time of individual and group prayer/sharing time that give us all a chance to connect.
Last night was different.
Due to technical difficulties and an unusually unhelpful guard/administrator/whateveryouwanttocallhim, we skipped the DVD portion entirely. This isn’t extremely out of the ordinary, but it isn’t a regular occurrence either. When you’re doing anything from inside the correctional system you have to learn to roll with the punches, which is what we’ve done since we started this ministry. The guys inside are always awesome about it! Last night…

  • We gathered in a large circle and just began to share. Chris and I steered the conversation along but the guys dropped wisdom, hope, and experience that just wowed everyone. The presence of God was thick.
  • A new guy sang a great song, a cappella, which blew everyone away.
  • Frank, another volunteer, shared a poem.
  • I led and served a communion experience where the Spirit was heavy on all of us.
  • Chris closed with a great original song and prayer.
  • Before we left, we distributed two boxes of Christian literature that had been donated to me for the guys.
It was great.
These experiences, which regularly happen in this particular place, along with a million others that occur one-on-one and in groups, at church and on the street, via social-networking, phone calls and face to face, set a fire underneath my feet. This is what I want to do all the time. Nothing else comes close to comparing to the joy that is available through service.
Listening to stories of pain and fear, hope and triumph. Praying for the broken and jubilant. Sharing the Gospel of Jesus and the hope for a new life with him to new faces. Seeing the Holy Spirit penetrate hearts and minds. That is what I want to do full time, all the time, for as long as I have the energy and means to do it.
For now, I’ll have to settle for the occasional chance that I’m afforded through service experiences like the prison ministry, a man must support his family after all. But, I pray for a moment when all worldly barriers are removed and I can jump in full time.
We are called to a life of service, and that life blows my mind!

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