A Thanksgiving Invitation

Last year my family started a tradition at Thanksgiving. Since our entire extended family lives on the west coast, we decided to invite anyone and everyone over to our house to help us celebrate the holiday. We figured that we are not the only ones far from our loved ones, and with the economy and world what it is, there are families scattered around the country just trying to make life work. Why not gather together and celebrate friendships and blessings as a pseudo-family of travelers.

Last year, we began late in the season with the invites so our turnout was a bit smaller than we had hoped for, but we still had a great time and built up a few new friendships.

Trying to build on our tradition we are inviting you, yes you, to our Thanksgiving extravaganza again this year. If your family is near or far, big or small, come on over and hang with our Krew.

Courtney, my lovely bride, is an awesome cook and will be preparing a feast. Bring a dish or beverage to share or just bring an appetite and enjoy. We are very laid-back and relaxed and would love your company. There will be plastic cups and mismatched silverware, nothing fancy. If football on the tv, kids running and yelling in all directions, dogs barking, great food and beverage, and genuine, no-frills friendship and community building sounds good to you, grab the spouse, kids, or whoever, and come on over. No one should be alone on the holidays!

(just to help out, send me a text, email, phone call or whatever if you’re thinking about coming so we can try to plan a little. If you forget, no worries, there is always plenty.)

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