Letting It All Out

Confession. The word carries a difficult and uneasy feeling with it, doesn’t it? It’s a scary word. The act of confession is one of the hardest things we can do. Opening our faults up to another person, making ourselves vulnerable, showing what and who we really are; yuck! It’s a strange thing though, the opening up is frightening and uncomfortable but the effects are cleansing and healing.
When we let go of the secrets and facades, all the stress that came from maintaining them, can melt away.
Sure, there are repercussions. When our true actions, motivations, and shortcomings are laid bare, there’s fallout. But, my experience has been that the fallout is always easier to deal with than the secrets themselves.
The hardest part is actually flushing it all out. Usually we give up just enough to release the pressure, but we are afraid to truly let it all out. Rather than clearing the entire logjam of sin, we slowly remove just one stick at a time. Why we can’t just rip the bandage off in one fell swoop is beyond me. Even if everyone already knows the truth, time and again, children all the way up to adults, struggle with just coming clean.
I’ve been there, so have you, we all have. I think we can all agree that once we finally let go, and let the honesty flow, it is always better.

One response to “Letting It All Out

  1. I agree with you Josh – in fact I am involved in Christian coaching which does exactly what you are suggesting in ripping the bandage off. In doing so it’s actually got more to do with true discipling (teaching the believer how to trust in Christ for life in place of his own coping mechanisms) than with counseling. The side-effect upon my fellowship has been wonderful – we each know each other’s crap and there is no pretending, no masks. We truly boast in our weaknesses!

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