The Greatest Gift of All

Lately, I’ve been taking comfort from some meditation on the gift that is Christ. This is where I want my life to be focused all of the time, but I am easily distracted. So when I focus, and really push down on the Cross, it is truly amazing.
All the nastiness that I’ve done or been involved in, all the weaknesses that I still struggle with, even in my life as a Christ-follower, compare all that to the picture of perfection that is Jesus, and I can’t help but be humbled. The idea that before time began, Christ knew who I was and what I’d do, and yet he still allowed a plan to unfold that included his crucifixion on my behalf, it is mind boggling!
As we step into the Christmas season I am going to do my best to remember that the greatest gift of all has already been given. The fact that it was given to someone as undeserving as me is an astounding miracle!
Merry Christmas!

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