GCC Prison Reentry Update

The Granger Community Church prison reentry ministry is going great. Every weekend service is charged, our small group is dynamic, the music team is great, our outreach within the facility is growing, and our relationships with correctional staff is positive.
We have quality teams, leaders, and volunteers in place that are taking our mission to the next level.
A while back it was a struggle just to make sure that we had the correct supplies on hand to have just a basic Sunday service. Today, by Gods grace and blessings, we have a surplus of volunteers that make a whole lot more than Sunday happen. From facility-wide outreach events to weekly small gatherings to equipping individuals to take their next steps towards Christ and a successful life upon release, it’s all happening.
We’ve baptized many, served communion, celebrated holidays and achievements, layed hands on those about to be released, and even served a few guys after their release. The guys, all on their own, recently began to pass the hat for tithes and offerings. We are out own church within the GCC family and we are on mission for Christ.
None of it could happen without our great team of volunteers. Within our larger team there is a music team, a small group team, a Sunday team, and of course the dozens of volunteers at the Granger campus and via The Table that support the ministry as a whole. The reality is that dozens and dozens of Christ followers, both from GCC and from within the facility itself, are shining the light of Jesus into what can be a very dark place.
Seeing God work is amazing, being part of what he is doing is life changing. We pray that God will allow us to continue to grow. We are praying that we will expand into more facilities and reach more of the lost and broken hearted. We pray to see an impact in our community that can only be of Jesus.

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