Weight of Mission

There is a weight that you feel while doing ministry. Not a negative weight, but a burden on your heart. It’s the Spirit. It’s God speaking to you, letting you feel a tiny bit of the urgency of His mission, a mission with eternal consequences. Tonight I shared tears with an inmate who is so frightened about his upcoming release. After 12 years, his freedom is only 11 days away. He is grasping for God. Desperate for the divine. He has an urgency in his heart for his savior as he enters a new chapter in his life. The weight of the Spirit came with me as I walked through the prison door to leave. I prayed urgent prayers for a man I have watched prepare for the hurdles ahead with desperation for many months. Will what we’ve done with and for him in our tiny basement church equip him for success? I believe in a small way it will. What we do while on mission for Jesus matters. It has weight and substance. Chase that burden. Run after it with all your strength. Give all of yourself to something greater than yourself. Crave a heart desperate for God. Crave a heart that knows that without a savior, we are lost. I admire an inmates desperation for Jesus and pray for it within myself.

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