Man-Up, Lady!

I rarely follow “Christian” news or blogs. They just frustrate me most of the time. Far too often it seems like we forget that laws, opinions, and circumstance do not dictate freedom in Christ. They actually have nothing whatsoever to do with my faith and serve mostly as a distraction from what’s really important to me, people and eternity.

I vote and then continue on my way. Whatever happens in the political sphere cannot stand in the way of my God. He is just not that small. I try to continue to pursue His purpose and will regardless of what might be happening “out there”.

I’d like to think that no matter what persecution might come my way, I can stand up against it because my God is with me. That being the case, why would I worry or care about it. What if all the energy that went into fighting against people who might believe differently than me was spent pursuing the mission of Jesus? What if those fights actually served to push people away from Amazing Grace rather than pulling them into it? What might happen if we put down our swords and offered compassion instead?

Far too often I hear Christians maintaining the role of a victim. We are victorious! The victory was won on the cross and inside an empty tomb. If my faith or practice were to be outlawed tomorrow, the fact of that victory would not change.

When I placed my faith in Jesus Christ I joined a team, I entered into relationship with millions of other followers who are His bride, the Church. I love the Church deeply, but I sure wish she would man-up and walk in victory rather than spend so much of her energy crying over minutia that doesn’t even matter. Whatever challenges we might collectively or individually face are small potatoes to my all-powerful God. Since He has my back, you can have all the petty arguments, I’ve got more important things to do and worry about.

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