A Blessed Life

I am blessed to live the life that I do. I have the best of so much, and through no credit to myself. My wife, kids, home, church, ministry; they are all the best. True gifts that I do not deserve. I am thoroughly thankful.
I hear regularly that I have passion for this or that. “You really love your wife” or “you are really called to help those guys in prison”. While those are true statements, the core of everything is Jesus. He is where I try to keep my focus and all the rest is just his pouring out of blessings into my life.
On my own I can do a bang up job at letting a marriage self-destruct. I am an excellent selfish person when I am left to my own devices. It is Jesus that changes everything. It is his grace and transformative power that allows me, a broken sinner, to succeed at anything.
I am not any more passionate about those guys in prison than about anyone else, but that is where Jesus has me for the time being so I am passionate about that. I am not the best dad, husband, friend, or anything else, but I am desperate for Jesus and he guides me to be better at whatever I do. I am not necessarily in love with my job or responsibilities all the time, but I am in love with my savior who richly provides them for me, so I move within his blessings striving for thankfulness.
My goal is to live the life God has designed for me to the best of my ability. We are called to be disciples and to make disciples, everything else falls into those two categories. I will be a disciple by living in a way that I am doing my best to honor God. I will make disciples by helping others to do the same, wether its one step in that direction or one hundred. Through trial and error, failure and success, if we just try to do these simple things, we will be blessed.


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