Jesus is With Those People

Jesus died on the cross for everyone, I know it in my heart and to the very core of my being.  Sin is something of a monster, it entangles all of us and pulls us down like a creature straight out of a horror movie.  No matter how much we fight and struggle against it, sometimes it feels like we are helpless to resist.  It is only through the payment made on the cross, in our stead, that we can walk upright and without shame.

The lowest of the low, a club of which I am constantly reminded that I am a member, have a special place in the heart of God.  There is an especially powerful redemption for the sinner that has been pulled the furthest into the gutter by their sinful natures.  We all fall short, everyone of us are woefully inferior and unworthy, but it seems as if the man or woman who has traveled further into the depths of sin, can claim an even greater amount of redemption.

Throughout scripture we see Jesus reaching out to touch the untouchables.  We see him healing the unclean, showing affection for the afflicted, spending time with rejected.  It as if the worst of the worst were drawn to him, and him to them.  The alien found refuge, the mindless found peace, the prostitute found cleanliness.

Often Jesus rebuked the religious, he poked holes in their facades of purity and devotion.  The ones who thought they had it all figured out were the ones who could expect to have Jesus see right through them.  It was the broken and lost, the dirty and shamed, that Jesus was drawn to.  In our Western culture it would be the homeless man or hooker, the drug addict or alcoholic, the ex-con or illegal alien.  The people that we point to as the problems of our society, they are the crowds that Jesus would be walking in.  Those people, are the people that would and can find the most from the God-man named Jesus.

We shame and rebuke the single mothers in the ghetto when Jesus would love and comfort them.  We challenge the sick and poor to help themselves, Jesus would heal and provide for them.  We place walls and gates in front of those who are foreign or different, Jesus would welcome and befriend them.

The opportunities to imitate the actions of Jesus are all around us.  Jesus even takes the identities of those people onto himself in Matthew 25:34-45.  It is with those people that Jesus wants us to be, it is where he expects us to be, and in the end, it is where he will ultimately confront us to see if we were there.

If our Savior claims to be in the midst of those people, shouldn’t we be drawn to him there?  If, in his time on earth, he lived among the low, shouldn’t we expect to find him there still?  If we really want a relationship with our God, shouldn’t we go to where he was and do what he did?

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