GCC’s Post-Election Plans. The Answer to, “What Now?” – By Mark Beeson (my pastor)

(This is a post that my pastor, Mark Beeson, put on his blog.  I admire Mark a great deal and feel like his words are worth sharing.  I didn’t ask his permission to re-post this so please visit his blog, www.markbeeson.com, to leave comments.  All content and pictures are his.)
I’ve been really busy since the election. I’m meeting at our Elkhart campus with a few of GCC’s staff leaders. Our Lead Team is running through some of the highlights of the training we’ve offered pastors and church leaders all over the world. The training is practical and time-tested. It’s proven effective. The concepts we’re presenting to our teammates are summarized in several of the books our leaders have written. We’re learning together.
We’re part of GCC, which is a small part our Lord’s Church. We have work to do. We intend to accomplish our mission with unwavering passion for Christ and authentic love for the world. It’s the world God loved so much he gave HIS only begotten Son so people wouldn’t perish, but throughHIM they would have everlasting life.
The Church is the hope of the world. The work of God is paramount. It’s more significant, meaningful and important than any of us has fully grasped. It is the work to which we’ve given our lives.
  • Our devotion is to Jesus.
  • Our determination is rooted in God’s Love.
  • Our desire is for the world to experience peace, hope and love.
  • Our duty is our privilege.
What now?
Now we serve Jesus. That’s what GCC has done for 25 years. We served Christ together before the election, and that’s what we’ll do now that the election is behind us.
We serve Jesus. We have. We do. We will.
From now until the end-of-days, we’ll be helping people take their next steps toward Christ … together, no matter who gets elected to serve a term in some political office.
Matthew 6:33a  –  Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness.

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