From Broken to Masterpiece

What a pleasure it is to be used by God. We are broken shards of a broken world that the Creator reassembles to use as he see fit. We were worth nothing when left to our own devices, good only as trash to fill the dump, miscellaneous pieces scattered across a defiled world. In the midst of a heap of chaos God became man, left the glory of heaven, and came to us to make something beautiful. A mosaic of the most beauty has been created and continues to flex and grow. Shattered lives and the wreckage they spewed is being joined together in unimagined ways, cleaned and polished to a great luster. The Man, the great Artist, the Savior of the tarnished and forgotten, he has come. His masterpiece is heaving and advancing. We are all but small pieces, fortunate to be plucked from the pile of filth and placed in perfection to shine to the Creators glory. Lord, God, Savior, Son, Spirit, we are yours, use us to shine a light on you.

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