Marriage Renewed

ringsMy email was hacked today.  I think it was pretty harmless; some silly message was sent to 20 or so people in my contacts, no big deal.  I was asleep when it happened, but thankfully, my wife was on it.  She went into the account, changed the password, and for the most part a potential annoyance was avoided.

The point of sharing this silly story is that it brought to mind how thankful I am for the relationship that I have with my wife.  She knows everything about me and all of my interactions.  We have no secrets, no corners of life that we do not share with each other.  Make no mistake, we are still figuring the whole marriage thing out just like everybody else, but since we put Christ in the center of our marriage, the figuring has been a lot easier.

There was a time when we we were both far from God and it was a very different story.  It was full of chaos and pain, it was ugly.  Today we do things differently and it is awesome.  Our marriage has never been stronger.  We are learning as we go, loving God and each other as best we can and in ways that continue to expand.  I proactively love my wife.  I am far, far, far from perfect, but I am growing and I love better as I do.  There isn’t fear in our relationship, it’s rock solid.  Even on the rough days, I know that no matter what, we’ve got each others backs and we are not going anywhere.

Our church, Granger Community Church, made a little video about our family a while back.  Check it out-

I listened to a lot of podcasts from churches who care about marriages and families while our marriage was being repaired, and I still do today.  If your relationship is struggling and you want help, here are some resources that I used.  Everyone has their own situation, but these helped us tremendously.  Search them out on iTunes or follow the links, they have messages to listen to and watch on their sites, and it’s all free.

Granger Community Church

Mars Hill Church

Life Church

Newspring Church

Willow Creek 


North Point Community Church

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