With The Greatest Power, There’s a Quiet Touch

As a children we are thrilled with the brightly colored bottles of bubbles our parents get us from the drugstore. Tiny plastic wands, with rainbow colored liquid, filling the air with sticky orbs that float and pop. The moment a fragile bubble bursts, only grazing prickly hairs or coarse skin before silently disappearing, that’s my imagining of the touch of the Holy Spirit. It’s a fluttering touch, a weightless prodding, that can be easy to miss.
Learning to feel and react to the Holy Spirit is a lifelong pursuit that I couldn’t be more excited about. The Spirit is the ever present hand of God. The Father moves with the Spirit, the Son inhabits the flow of the Spirit. The Spirit is my conduit, a pipeline to the Holy.
Without a healthy prayer life I can, and do, miss the touch of my creator. It is often only when the world is turned off or tuned out, that the still, quiet touch of the Spirit is perceptible. The moments when my communication with God are uninterrupted by my busy mind, they bring floods of joy. A million of his touches fill my chest to bursting, it is in those seconds that I am most sure of the existence of God.
The power of the Spirit is undeniable. Moving through scripture we see the full power of God silently and chaotically changing events, influencing cast offs into biblical icons, creating and restoring the broken, helping to bring Christ into human history and raising his crucified body to glory. The Spirit, with its gentle touch, carries also the full might of God.
The fact that we can possess and interact with such a gentle power is a blessing beyond explanation. Jesus himself offered that he had to leave so that the Comforter, or Advocate, could come to be with us. This force is on our side defending and refining us, it’s unbelievable.
“What does God want me to do with my life” is one of the most asked questions amongst believers. Becoming attuned to the Spirits’ caress is the answer. God does still speak to us, whether we listen or are even able to hear, is all about being able to grasp the touch of the Holy Spirit.


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