Real Faith or Just a Nice Thing to Say

Calling oneself a Christian must denote a relationship with the Devine. Absent that interaction, the label is more destructive than knowing nothing of God at all.
Claiming belief in an all-powerful, all-knowing Creator, yet retaining an ability to sideline such an entity, is illogical. A person of integrity should be unable to claim belief and not have it affect every area of their life. Knowledge in political, cultural, and social doctrines drive men to kill, to sacrifice, and to display heroism, yet it would seem that a heart-felt faith often drives men to irrelevancy, boredom, and brokenness. These factors should not add up but are somehow on constant display.
More often than not, the belief claimed, is only what the “believer” judges to be a societal norm. Without it, he runs the risk of ostracizing himself from his community. And a community that accepts such trivial pledges of conformity does so only because they too hold themselves to a trivial conformity as well.
“We can all claim membership in a fictional fraternity, and be happy about it, even if it is not based in any truth and/or in any practice, as long as we all do it together. Those who do not play along shall henceforth be looked down upon.”
It is madness!
Faith is not always easy. It is to be pursued, developed, and groomed. A lukewarm belief is dangerous and an abstract label of membership is worthless and in the end even more perilous.
God chases us to the ends of the earth. He is fanatical in his love. He sent his own son to be tortured and murdered on our behalf. There is nothing halfhearted about him. Everything our senses detect and much that they do not is evidence of his obsession with us.
How can we go through our lives claiming to know Him and his mission and not be affected? Where is the fruit of our supposed belief?
I am as guilty as anyone, maybe even more so. It hurts my heart. I’m sure it hurts God’s heart as well. My creator begs for my attention, love, and admiration, and he too often gets only a small part of my spare time.

“Father forgive me. I am arrogant in my heart and unthankful in my actions. You are the reason for all life and I avoid you. Thank you for your wonderful grace to such an undeserving man. Lead me to you, seize my heart and mind. I am your servant, you are my God.”

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