It’s Time We Act Like Adults

Are they just silly? Do people really believe them? Is it just a thoughtless click? Is there a point? Is there love in them?
What am I talking about?
It’s the Facebook and Twitter memes that litter my feeds. You know them, “Christian” causes wrapped up in a neat little quote or picture. Here’s a few that I’ve seen-







If Christianity is under attack in America in the way that these things imply, and we are taking time to complain about it, we have become some of the biggest whiners in history.
Let’s just admit it, we are soft. We’ve confused our “rights” with our “comfort”. If something makes us the slightest bit uncomfortable it becomes a cause to rail against. How dare someone think differently than us?
Christians around the world struggle with beatings, prison, and death. Here we fight so that our holiday greetings will be administered in a way we appreciate or so that a group of people won’t be able to do something we don’t approve of. I’m beginning to think that some real persecution might be good for us.
From the outside looking in I can imagine people just laughing at us.
“Look at these big babies. They’re crying about the stupidest things.”
In fact, here are some memes that show that very sentiment-







They are mocking us because we are worthy of mocking, and they are a lot funnier than we are.
Grow up Mr. American Christian. Put on your big-boy pants and fight for something that actually matters. I don’t know, maybe tackle poverty, hunger, or abuse. Stick up for the immigrant or the single mother, stand with the broken or comfort the grieving.
We are not persecuted, we are a baby who hasn’t gotten our way 1 out of 100 times. Suck it up, we’re embarrassing the rest of the family.


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