I have too many I’s

I love Jesus.
I love my beautiful wife, my 5 crazy kids, and my wise old father-in-law that all live in my home and do life with me.
I work too much.
I believe that failure is always an option.
I had two step-dads and a real dad that I never met; they’re all dead.
I believe that Minor Threat changed my life.
I knew at the very moment that Jesus saved me that I wanted to do ministry for the rest of my life.
I want to be my children’s hero but often feel like their nemesis.
I believe the death penalty is ineffective and barbaric.
I appreciate John Bonham and love watching Keith Moon, but I don’t like Led Zeppelin or The Who.
I have a lot of tattoos but I don’t care to talk about them.
I want to be married to my wife forever, she is my best friend.
I am easily bribed with sandwiches.
I used to do a lot of drugs but then I stopped. It’s been over 20 years.
I pray more than I think but less than I want.
I love pork.
I don’t own a gun because I wouldn’t want to shoot someone but I want one because I’d like to try hunting.
I’ve never gutted a fish.
The original Bad News Bears and Star Wars Trilogy are my favorite movies.
Barrack Obama confuses me.
I know far too much about true crime.
Once when I was 12, I set my alarm to wake up at 4am because Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid was going to be on television.
I believe in the Bible, don’t always agree with it, but choose to submit to it as the Word of God.
One of my thumbs is shorter than the other because of a Little League injury.
I close my eyes in scary movies.
Christians on TV make me mad.
Richard Pryor is the greatest comedian that there ever was.
I’m awkward at parties and hate small talk.
I daydream about telling people about Jesus all the time.
I love the cosmos and Rodney Mullen, but they both hurt my brain.
I’ve never been really good at anything.
I prefer the mountains to the beach.
I learned to speak publicly by sharing at 12-Step meetings when I was a kid.
I have a crush on Dave Grohl.
Duck Dynasty makes me laugh.
I know how to operate a sailboat.
I sing very quietly at church but very loudly in the car.
I know that Han shot first.
I have lead a ministry for several years now and it is awesome…most of the time.
Shane Palmer is the man!
I feel the most loved when I am in prayer.
I believe in miracles.
I discovered Holden Caulfield while working the midnight shift at a gas station.
I want my kids to succeed with people and experience more than with a career or money.
I smoke more than 20 cigarettes a day and I am embarrassed about it.
I skipped kindergarten and the 12th grade, but I still managed to go to more than 20 schools while growing up.
When I was 15 I drank a bottle of tequila and literally woke up in an actual gutter.
I am gifted with a yoyo.
The first time that I met Brian Baker he asked me if I played drums and I lied and said that I did.
I wasn’t shocked when I read the end of The Grapes of Wrath. I think it’s my favorite book.
If I close my eyes I can picture Jesus now, that wasn’t always the case.
A little kid punched me in the mouth when I was 13 and I didn’t do anything. It’s always bothered me.
Mike Ness intimidates me.
I am not a fan of bacon alone but I believe that it makes everything else better.
I was a vegan for 2 years.
I got my first pair of Chuck Taylor’s in 1986.
Habakkuk is my favorite book of the bible.
I still remember kissing my wife for the first time. The cops showed up.
I wish I was related to Bill Hybels.
I was locked up for 14 months when I was a teenager.
My mom is crazy and I love her.
I want to be like Surviorman.


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