Faith & the Fantastical

Faith is a strange thing. By it very nature it requires one to believe in something that they cannot see. I have faith that my wife loves me. I can see her actions and feel her touch, but when it comes to her actual feeling of love, I just have to trust her. I have to have faith in her. I must believe that even when I cannot see her, she still loves me and her actions will continue to represent that fact.
My relationship with God is similar. I know that he loves me because I can see and feel his actions in my life. I cannot see him physically, but his action within my life is obvious. I can feel the Holy Spirit when I pray, I can see the Father in creation all around me and in the miracles of life and science, and I can see evidence of Jesus when I follow his directions as given in scripture and see the corresponding results of that faithfulness. I know of God in many ways but on an everyday basis, these simple evidences show me his presence.
I’ve not heard God’s voice audibly nor seen his form visually. My faith is not based on my senses in a traditional way but on the evidence all around me.
I teach men and women to watch for the small miracles of God. It is in the little things that He becomes obvious. The unexpected blessing, the small burst of growth in our characters, the warmth in our chests during prayer or worship, the forgiveness that we undeservedly receive from others when we fail, the phone call at just the right moment, the friends and family that love us when we are at our most unlovable, the spontaneous laughter when we are grieving, the scripture that applies to what we happen to be going through right when we read it. Those are all miracles. Those are all God at work in the little ways.
Of course I crave the giant, awe inspiring, mind blowing miracles too. I want to see an ocean parted and the sun stand still. And I feel that I have seen them, only I’ve seen them in a more elongated form than have been represented by our biblical heroes. I’ve seen marriages healed after they’ve been shattered beyond repair. I’ve seen lives drawn back from the brink and transformed into something brand new and completely different. I’ve seen a community spring up from where there was previously only debris. These are all miracles that took time to materialize but they are miracles nonetheless. I saw them because I was looking for them. I took a step back from what I was doing to see what He was doing.
Our lives are busy and it makes it easy to miss our creator at work. We are so caught up in everything that we have to do, the abundant chances to witness the spectacular will often slip by unnoticed. It’s a tragedy.
Do you want to see a miracle? Do you crave the fantastic? Would an act of the very being that created everything we will ever see, would that interest you in the slightest? I know it’s a big part of what drives me and I know that I can only witness it when I look for it. Take a deep breath and look closely, it’s happening around every corner if we will only open our eyes to see it. >


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