Christians; At It Again…

ImageOver the last week or so I have been watching the story surrounding World Vision closely. World Vision is a charitable organization that sponsors children around the world. I won’t go into the details but you can read more about it here. What I will say is, it is about gay marriage (what else is new?) and how a church or Christian organization should deal with it. Naturally, what I assume to be well-meaning people of faith, became outraged, boycotted, wrote blogs, held debates, kicked and screamed.
The discussion about doctrinal issues is one thing, but the reactions of some very vocal and angry members of the Christian community is another. More than four-thousand people pulled their sponsorships away from World Vision in the last week. That is 4000 people (actually more if you add in the spouses, like my wife and I with Compassion International, and organizations or groups that co-sponsor) who decided that the mission of World Vision was not as important as their hiring policy. That is more than 4000 people who decided that helping poor and hungry children around the world should take a back-seat to who World Vision decided to have as employees. That is thousands of “Christians” who decided that taking a child hostage by choosing to no longer feed it, was a valid form of protest. I could not be more angry.
The world sat back and smugly watched. Here we went again, yelling and screaming at each other, pointing fingers, pulling away our money, chastising who ever would listen…you know, acting like Christians normally do whenever the word “gay” comes up. It is embarrassing. Our drunk Cousin Eddy showed up again and made us all look stupid.
I am curious, about when Jesus fed the thousands, did he do a quick poll to make sure there were no homosexuals in the crowd? Did he tell his disciples to make sure that no one in the crowd had any business dealings or politics that he did not approve of? Maybe he started shouting “abomination!” at the guy in the pink robe before he blessed the food?
When Jesus healed the sick he must have turned away all that interpreted scripture differently than he did. He must have only gave wine at the feast to those who would wink and call it “grape juice”. That women at the well, she was obviously a perfect saint after her encounter with Jesus, she surely never sinned again! I would even bet that the first church had a sign out front that read “It says Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve”.
Can we please stop being idiots! Can we feed those that are hungry regardless of who is behind the scenes feeding them! Please stop embarrassing yourselves and driving people further and further from the faith! Please, Cousin Eddy, go to an 12-Step meeting already!

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