He Took Two Broken People and Created Our Masterpiece

With yesterday being Father’s Day, a day where feelings of nostalgia naturally tend to permeate the air and become celebrated, I got to thinking about my wife and our marriage. In October we will have been married for ten years. That is a big deal for us and I for one, am excited to celebrate it. We have a pretty packed, and money draining, summer this year, so I doubt it’ll be a big event, but it’s still exciting.
I like to think our marriage is just a little more special than others. I know, I know, that reeks of narcissism and/or arrogance, but I think most great marriages understand how great they are. I also think that to have a great marriage you kind of have to think that you have it just a little bit better than everyone else.
Our marriage is great because it hasn’t been easy. At one point, a little over five years, ago we lived individually and 2000 miles apart. Our own selfishness, and I believe a healthy dose of the Enemy’s trickery, had demolished our relationship. It was ugly and hurtful for everyone involved. Thankfully the grace of our God is never ending. He provided countless small miracles, as well as big people, that brought us back together. We were entirely healed in a wondrous way that I still don’t completely understand.
Together we have rode a roller-coaster full of ups and downs and twists and turns. In the process I think we have the ideal marriage. At this point we have seen the chaos that is possible in a relationship and we know how to avoid a lot of it down the road.
We have been provided by our Heavenly Father with an experience that we can use to help others. Of course, while in the darkest of valleys, we never would have been able to imagine such a thing, but today it is easily identifiable.
We are not perfect, far from it actually. We still fight. We still hurt each others feelings. We are still selfish. We are still sinners after all, but I feel confident in speaking for the two of us that we cannot imagine a life apart. We are the best of friends and a dynamic team. The first people we want to share news with is each other, and the first people we imagine life with is one another.
There is no damage or broken situation that God can not turn around and use for His good. There is not a cut-off for His grace, it is in a constant state of overflow. We know that on our own we created destruction. God took our misshapen and dirty pile of rubble and created something beautiful from it. He alone gets the glory.
Today we may not always be where we want to be and we may not always be doing what we want to do, but we are together. We are basking in the glory of undeserved miracles from an undeserved Savior who makes us stronger, together, daily.


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