Get Off of Your Ladder, You Jerk!


We are incapable of looking down upon others unless we have positioned ourselves above them. I cannot look into a hole from within the hole, I have to be above it or outside of it. I cannot peer into a valley while I am standing at its center, I have to climb a mountain or get into an airplane and only then does the valley become visible.
When I, as a person of faith, raise myself up above others in order to judge them or look down upon them, I have negated what Christ did on the cross and become my own salvation. It’s idolatry at its core.
The idea that I am somehow better and in the position to condemn someone else says “I have gotten myself to where I am” and “if you were like me you would not be so bad”. I have placed myself into Gods shoes. It is pride and arrogance. It is directing the worship that should be Gods alone at myself rather than where it belongs, towards him.
Christians have a habit of looking at the world around us with eyes full of disgust. We believe that a world of people without Christ should behave as if they have him. We shove our morals and judgements down the throats of people who have no desire to hear about them.
Ask any nonChristian what their number one complaint about Christians is and nine times out of ten it will be one word: judgmental. Ask why they have no desire to go to church or learn about Jesus or why they stopped going in the first place and you’ll inevitably hear “the people there were so judgmental”. It’s not the message, it’s not the music, it’s the Christians that hang out there.
We must climb down from our perch of judgement to remember that it is God that saved us and that we had nothing to do with it. We accepted a free gift, not much skill or achievement was involved. We are not in anyway better, but only forgiven.
As always, Jesus is our perfect example. He left the unimaginable majesty and grandeur of heaven, a place where he could peer down on the filth that was happening on earth in perfect comfort. He left heaven to enter our filth. He left heaven so that he could look us in the eye, face to face, and say “follow me”. He came down from a place where only he rightly deserved to be to endure what only we rightly deserved to endure.
We need to throw out the ladder that we carry around to climb up and look down upon others. Break it, burn it, forget how it was made. We never had a right to be up on it in the first place.

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