A Curious Facebook Pattern


I have been trying to broaden my social media reach as of late and I have noticed a curious fact; do you know that Facebook resource “People You May Know”? I can tell, with fairly good odds, only by looking at the picture of certain people that Facebook is suggesting, just who of my current friends is already friends with them.
If the picture is of a woman, and that women is either wearing very little clothing or the clothing that she is wearing, and her pose, accentuates her…let’s say more feminine attributes, she is undoubtably friends with one or more of a certain group of my male friends. It is uncanny.
What is even more uncanny, is that if one of my friends belongs to the previously mentioned group of males, they also belong to a group of friends who seem to be in a perpetual state of relationship unrest.
They can’t find a woman or can’t find the right one. Their marriage is unstable or they’ve suffered painful breakups. Their wives or girlfriends are “crazy” or “bitches”. It is weird how it works.
I don’t know these women and that is why Facebook is recommending them to me in the first place. I’m sure some of them are intelligent and kind. Some of them would probably be great friends to my wife and I. But I will pass on that opportunity because I love my wife dearly and the women in those pictures seem to have a negative effect the relationships some men I know.
Maybe it’s all a coincidence. Maybe I have gone completely bonkers. I’m sure there is much more to the issue and I am only seeing a symptom. Whatever the case, I am just a normal guy, no better than anyone else, so I will avoid those potential friendships just on the odd chance that they could interfere with my marriage.
Take a look at the “People You May Know” feature on Facebook. Let me know if you see the pattern.

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