Slogging Through the Visible to Reach The Invisible


The darkness has been pretty dark as of late. It is as if we are in constant need of a break. Of course the ego calls it all out as weakness and demands that we keep punching through the webs that catch our every move. Walking through a vat of molasses sounds like the appropriate metaphor. Each step requires slightly more effort as the remnants of the last cling to our sticky-sweet boots.
I am reminded that each breath, day, month, and year are but wispy patches of fog when looked at through an eternal perspective. From above the Father sees the long game, the edges of time poke his peripheries. The struggles and triumphs that we endure and celebrate are but minor blips on an endless river of eternity.
Within those blips is where we live and where we toil. I know the truth and raise it as a conquering flag when I take a step back to examine it. Those steps are often few and demand practice to initiate with any regularity. The truth is our hope and our hope is our destiny.
I cannot be brought down because the strength and power of another resides deep in my genome. Christ maneuvers through every cell and atom of my being. Where filthy collapse would be my outcome alone, the bright and new replace the dirty and broken. It is his doing alone and to him I am but a thankful servant and host.
The body sees the darkness but the soul lives in the light. I will fight the fight of the body because it is surrounded by the broken world, but my spirit rides a wave of highs knowing that the blip of time passes quickly, and on the far end is redemption and love.

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