Be Selfish And Follow Jesus


Going into the world to love those who are hurting, oppressed, shaken, mourning, or lost is the most pleasant, rewarding, and pleasurable life I have yet to live. There is absolutely nothing better. It is the Gospel. I believe that God integrated inner joy into spreading His love so as to fuel us.
I have lived many lives and chased many things, but until I jumped in with both feet to chase after Christ’s mission, joy was fleeting at best. Sex, drugs, knowledge, money, recognition…they all offer poor imitations of what life is really supposed to be. On a purely selfish level, Christ fulfills like nothing else.
This realization makes you wonder about and evaluate the realities we have built up around us. It transforms our motivations and goals. It changes everything.
It also angers me when I see it kidnapped and manipulated. Christ is not a tool to use to accomplish something. He is the glorious goal and infinite Creator. He is the Everything.
You can have the money. You can take the property. The freedom, it isn’t under your control. The peace of mind, it’s bulletproof. My future is secure.
Following Jesus is the best thing I have ever done, and it’s funny, because I could not have done it without Him in the first place. Take advantage of what he offers, you’ll never regret it.

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