Things I hate:

Hamsters, dust, fatigue, Creed, Limp Bizkit, mushrooms, olives, never ending winter, Saabs, Chuck E. Cheese, addiction, racism, hate, socks with holes in them, prison in the US, Oklahoma, being broke, Soundgarden (really just Chris Cornell’s voice), decaf, satan, the Eagles, diet soda, bad sandwiches, hot sauce that’s just hot but tastes like nothing, the NES game for Friday the 13th, boy bands, choreography, authority, lies, bottled water, small talk, repeating myself, when things break, disco, Twilight, when I ask you to email me but you call instead, parents of kids that need a spanking but will never get one, abuse & neglect, bad salsa, Americanized ethnic food, cleaning vomit, the Bad News Bears remake (even though I never saw it), Christians who look down on people, splinters, ingrown hairs, Anakin Skywalker as portrayed in Episodes I, II, & III, sweating, boogers, the term screamo, CD cases with missing CDs, cheesy Christian media, involuntary baldness, and my funny bone.


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