Can we say “for we so loved the world?”



I cannot and will not stand by and let the glorious name of my savior be dragged through whatever mud might be the guilty filth of the day. I just cannot let it go, it will wake me in the night. It will plague my inner monologue. The dirt of greed, pride, arrogance, power; it is a muck, the muck, that steals the joy of salvation. It robs the lost and broken, it thieves slyly from the most vulnerable. How can anyone who has known the ultimate gift of death on a cross and enjoyed the relief of forgiveness, seen and felt the warm glow of the Spirit, how can any of those men and women stand by silently while the Enemy distorts and steals and murders? I cannot and I will not. It is demanded of us, me and you, demanded of us through the Great Commission, demanded of us by the tug at our hearts, to stand and to stand firm and strong. We are the hands and feet of the glorious Jesus who tipped the moneychangers tables, he who wove a whip and chased these hands and feet of the devil from the Fathers presence. Today, now, this very moment, we are called to stand in his stead, to weave our own straps, to chase and corral and protect.

Faith is wrong when:

It Kills
It Hurts
It Belittles
It Steals
It stands in violent judgement
It Condemns
It shows not mercy
It mocks
It takes advantage
It is a tool
it takes

Faith is right when:

It Loves
It protects
It covers
It lifts up
It humbles
it gives
It forgives
it seeks understanding
It is honest
It strives to bring the unwanted close
It is unendingly generous

Faith is not:

a means
the same

Faith is:


You who would hate and scream and spout vileness, you are not part of my group. You who make a habit of taking your place on a pedestal of rightness will be knocked down. You who use my savior to gather wealth will be scattered to the wind. We are meek but full of strength for the weary and lost. On my back will be the scars of your scorn as i lay atop the confused and Broken. I will take the blows and spit back truth. You had better reenforce those walls until you have no room to stand because someday the walls are going to fall and someday we will have to use our hands!

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