Some questions about Jesus and the Church 

When we turn to scripture and the early church, and to Jesus specifically, do we see a mirror image of modern day Christianity? What did Jesus say and do about the poor, the immigrants, the hungry, the rejected? Did the early church demand that walls be built, laws be enforced to the nth degree, that the weakest simply pull themselves up by their bootstraps? Did Jesus demand vengeful justice at every step? Was he known to adhere to cultural allegiances to such a degree as to cut off those who might be different than himself? Was there a linguistic decree to speak only Arabic, Hebrew, or Greek? Did the early church, and Paul specifically, concern itself or himself, with government at all? What about the rich in the Book of Acts? Are they seen raging against taxes, welfare, and the poor? Truly, Are they fighting “handouts” or are they “handing out”? Does Jesus, the Apostles, the early church, do they demand justice or mercy? 

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